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Requiem is a dark deck where bad feelings take their own place on each court and ace. It is a way to release bad energy and transform it into beauty and a high quality printed card deck.

In this deck everything has been redesigned, but at the same time I kept a standard index for easy readability.

The pips (nr. 2 to 10) are quite standard, but the 4 suites have been changed a little bit. Hearts are broken, Clubs have thorns, Diamonds are cracked, Spades are dry leaves.

The 55th card shows what each card means, with latin text on the left and the english translation on the right. The numbers with roman numerals are dates representing specific days.

Requiem is the chronicle of a lost love, started on April 18th (XVIII IV) and ended on June 23rd (XXIII VI) 2013 (MMXIII).


56 Poker size cards (52 + 3 Jokers +1 Index Card) - Limited Edition


"In art beautiful does not mean the thing depicted,

but the way anything is depicted is done beautifully,

whether is a disturbing thing or a divine thing"